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About TimeRime

TimeRime is a web application which allows people to create, view and compare interactive timelines. The application is available as an online community at, and as a professional software solution, that can be integrated in other websites. See also our Pro Solutions page.

The timeline community is an online community that allows people to view, create and compare timelines. The subjects of the timelines can be anything that relates to time. For instance a timeline about a popstar, or a timeline about a scientific subject, like history. But also timelines about company history, individuals as yourself, your favorite summer melodies or your favorite car.

The TimeRime timelines can be characterized as interactive and multimedia. The timelines can be filled with text, music, YouTube movies, Google Maps et cetera, which makes a platform that combines popular communities and other internet applications into one new portal. also allows people to search for information about various subjects. is the place for anyone who uses the internet as a giant encyclopedia. stimulates the creativity of its users, and is educational for anyone that is looking for information. It has an international focus, attracting people from all over the world. is a platform for anyone, including businesses, public institutions, educational institutions, media and more. As a result, timelines are created by individuals, companies and (public) institutions from all over the world. Visitors of the website can register for a free account, that allows them to create timelines.

The TimeRime Pro Solutions
Next to the public community website, TimeRime offers the timeline application as Pro Solutions. Pro Solutions can be integrated in other websites. Design and functions can be customized in line with specific needs of each client. TimeRime has lots of Pro users from all over the world, from universities to companies, from museums to educational publishers. More information about the Pro Solutions and examples at some of our clients can be found at the Pro Solutions page.

The makers
The timeline is developed in house by TimeRime. All other technical development is created by Hoppinger, TimeRime's sister company. More information about the makers of TimeRime on -

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