This website shuts down on the 31st of August 2017, after which it will no longer be available.
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Basic Account visitors can register for free for a Basic Account. Creating a new timeline costs now 1,99 dollar per timeline. A timeline can contain up to 100 items..

We’d like to note our various Pro Solutions. Pro Solutions are perfectly suited for professional use, and allow you to fully integrated timelines in your own website. Even the colors of the timeline can be adjusted to match the design of your website. More information about our Pro Solutions and examples of some of our clients can be found at the Professional page.

Basic Account
Creating an Account Free
Price per timeline $ 1,99
Number of timelines No limit
Number of timelines No limit
Maximum items per timeline 100
Insert embedded media (Youtube, Google Maps etc) Yes
Insert audio MP3
Insert video Youtube
Add videos from HDD NA
Storage 50 mb
Integrate timeline in blog or other website Via embed-code
Adjust design (colors of timeline) N/A
Displayed on TimeRime.comn N/A

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