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What do you get?
  • Your own TimeRime environment with restricted access

    As a user of TimeRime Edu Standard, your school will have access to its own TimeRime environment which has almost all features of TimeRime.com: create, view and compare timelines. Students can work individually or in groups. Furthermore, there are several extra features that are only available for TimeRime Edu.

  • Access for all students and teachers of your school

    Within your restricted TimeRime Edu environment, all teachers and students of your school can create, view and compare timelines.

  • Timelines of your school only

    The environment has password access, which makes it only accessible for students and teachers of your school. You will not find any timelines of TimeRime users from outside your school.

  • Unlimited number of timelines

    With TimeRime Edu, students and teachers can create an unlimited number of timelines (fair use policy).

  • No advertisements

    There are no advertisements on TimeRime Edu.

  • Admin rights for teachers

    Teachers have admin rights that allow them to view, edit or delete timelines of students, and to grant and deny access to students.

  • Design includes logo of your school

    TimeRime Edu can be designed including the logo of your school.

  • Unique pdf print function

    Timelines can be saved as pdf, which makes them easy to print. They can also be provided to teachers as a paper.

  • Smartboard compatible

    Do you work with smartboards on your school? Then TimeRime Edu would be perfect for you. Within TimeRime Edu the navigation bar that can be enlarged for smartboard users. That makes navigating through time even more easy.

  • For schools and universities

    Some clients:
    - University of Portsmouth (UK)
    - Marnix Gymnasium (NL)
    - ROC Midden Nederland (NL)
    - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE)
    - Stedelijke Academie voor Muziek, Woord en Dans (BE)
    - The Harker School (USA)

How does it work?
  • Fill in the form

    To sign up your school for TimeRime Edu you only need to fill in this form.

  • Standard or Complete

    On the form you can choose between Edu Standard or Edu Complete. If you choose Edu Complete, we will contact you to realize the single sign on.

  • Access to your own environment

    You will receive access to your own TimeRime Edu environment, including a manual for the admin and regular users.

  • Payment

    You will receive an invoice for the license costs annually.

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