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TimeRime Pro Compact
What do you get?
  • Your timeline on your own site

    With TimeRime Pro Compact you can integrate one or more timelines in your website easily and swiftly. All information, including video's, additional text, Google maps, images, et cetera, will be presented on your own website (image gallery not available). Your visitors will not be redirected to

  • Adjusted to the look and feel of your website

    TimeRime will adjust the colors of the timeline to be in line with the look and feel of your website. Have a look at the examples in the right column of this page.

  • Manage the content of your timeline via login on

    With a special account you can sign in on Here you can create and edit your timeline(s), and fill them with events and periods.

  • The option to present your timeline on

    You can opt to also show your timeline on That way you can reach a new public for your company or organization. TimeRime will place a banner of your logo and a link to your website right next to your timeline. This way you can advertize on TimeRime for free.

  • Benefit from TimeRime upgrades automatically

    TimeRime is developing. We improve existing features and add new features. We also see to it that the application keeps up with the latest technological developments. As a customer you will benefit from these upgrades automatically.

  • Multiple timelines at reduced rates

    Would you like more than one timeline? TimeRime offers Pro Compact with more timelines at a considerable discount. Contact us for more information.

    # Timelines    Purchase (Euro)   Monthly*
    1 199,- 12,-
    2 249,- 15,-
    3-5 299,- 20,-
    > 10 Contact us!
    * Price based on pre-paid annually
  • Automatic import of data via CSV

    Do you already have all your data together? Then you do not need to import the data in a timeline manually. Just contact us, we can import your data via a CSV template automatically.

  • Customization; features and design, contact us for more info!

    TimeRime Pro Compact includes a lot of features. In case you would like to add additional features, or adjust the design, just contact us. TimeRime is a flexible tool that allows customization!

  • API features

    You can fully include the content that you uploaded to TimeRime in the source code of your own website (search engine optimization).

  • For companies and (non profit) organizations

    Some examples:

    Muziekweb (NL), IGD (UK), IntraHealth (USA), Valuation Office Agency (UK), Nationaal Archief (NL), VRT (BE), Gemeentearchief Den Haag (NL), Gemeentearchief Rotterdam (NL), Uitgeverij De Boeck (BE), Europese Commissie, IMEC (BE), Museon (NL), Museum Volkenkunde (NL), Noordhoff Uitgevers (NL), Rotterdam Festivals (NL), Sligro Food Group (NL), University of London (UK), Tornak Groep (NL)

How does it work?
  • User friendly content management with special account on

    You will be provided with a special account to sign in on There you can create and edit timelines with the user friendly management system of

  • Design

    Together with you, TimeRime redesigns the colors of the timeline in line with the look and feel of your website. TimeRime will integrate that design in your account.

  • Delivering timeline embed code

    Finally, you will receive an embed code (JavaScript or iFrame) that you or your webmaster can include in your website. That is a very easy job, which requires not more that 10 minutes from your side. After this, the timeline will appear in your site, including your own design.

  • Optional: API features

    Your webmaster can collect the content of your timeline from the TimeRime database by way of XML (serverside). This can be integrated in the HTML code of your own website, to optimize your website for search engine optimization.

  • After delivery

    Of course, you can keep editing your timeline(s) on with your special account.


IntraHealth (UK)


IntraHealth International is an organization that mobilizes local talent to create sustainable and accessible health care. The history of the organization is illustrated with the TimeRime application.

Hofstra University


Hofstra Law School prepares passionate students to make an impact in their communities and beyond

Rotterdam Festivals

Rotterdam Festivals

Rotterdam Festivals is the calendar of all events and festivals in the city of Rotterdam.