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What do you get?
  • Unlimited number of timelines on your own site, in the look and feel of your site

    With TimeRime Pro Ultra the timelines appear on your website, in the colors of your own identity. Because the timelines are generated from your CMS / database, there is in principle no limit to the number of timelines you create (fair use hosting policy).

  • Manage the content via your own CMS / database

    With TimeRime Pro Ultra your will get access to the timeline application in such way that you can integrate one or more timelines in your website, filled with content from your own CMS / database. This is very efficient if you already have a database which includes the content.

  • Generate timelines 'on the fly', e.g. as viewer of search results

    TimeRime Pro Ultra enables you and the visitors of your website to generate timelines on the fly, e.g. to present the results of a search query in a timeline.

  • Benefit from TimeRime upgrades automaticallye

    TimeRime is developing. We improve existing features, and add new features. We also see to it that the application keeps up with the latest technological developments. As a customer you will benefit from these upgrades.

  • Customization; features and design, contact us for more info!

    TimeRime Pro Ultra includes a lot of features. In case you would like to add additional features, or adjust the design, just contact us. TimeRime is a flexible tool that allows for customization.

  • All software on your own server/network

    It is possible to include the software on your own network / servers.

  • For companies and (non profit) organizations that have rich databases, like libraries, publishers, museums, national archives et cetera

    Some examples:
    Ministerie van VWS (NL), Euranet (Fr), RockLibrary (US), eVMI (US), Regiocanons (NL)

How does it work?
  • TimeRime files

    You will get access to the TimeRime timeline file, and several config files that allow you to adjust many aspects and features of the application. Would you like to modify the application even further? Just contact us!

    Connect to your own Content Management System / database

    With the files you can load content from your own CMS / database into the timeline using XML. You will receive a manual that explains some technical aspects of this integration.


Ministerie van VWS (NL)

Ministerie van VWS

This Dutch ministry is leading a project that combines cultural heritage collections about the Dutch Indies. The timeline has its own design, and is filled with items from the database of that website.

RockLibrary (US)


Preserves and presents the historical and cultural significance of popular music. Uses TimeRime in connection with its own content management system.

Regiocanons (NL)


A Dutch initiative that shows the history of various regions in the Netherlands. The TimeRime application is linked with the database of that website.

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