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Terms of Use

What is TimeRime?

TimeRime is a portal to exchange information. Users can create timelines and can put content on the website. As a consequence the responsibility remains with the respective users. TimeRime can neither control the correctness nor the completeness of the information, or the rights of the users to dispose of the uploaded information.

In order for to work properly, terms of use are required. These terms apply to visiting and using the website in the broadest sense, as well as to all offers, agreements and other legal relations with TimeRime, unless other terms are agreed in writing by contract.

Where in these terms of use reference is made to TimeRime, or, it refers to the online community portal of TimeRime BV, Lloydstraat 138c, 3024 EA Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

TimeRime services
TimeRime is developing its services continuously. You agree that TimeRime can, without prior notice, amend its services or (temporarily) stop its services. You may at all time stop using the TimeRime services. 

TimeRime account
When creating a TimeRime account, you must provide accurate and complete information. If you are aware of  breach of security or unauthorized use of your account, you must notify TimeRime immediately.

You agree that you are solely responsible for the activity on your account. 

Do's and don’ts
The possibilities of TimeRime seem unlimited. Nevertheless some restrictions have to be made. For all users applies that it is not permitted to:

  • Submit incorrect or misleading information
  • Advertise for products or services
  • Violate the rights of others
  • Breach intellectual property rights of others
  • Send messages that contain spam, chain letters or pyramid games
  • Spread viruses
  • Aggravate the TimeRime infrastructure unreasonably or disrupt the proper functioning of TimeRime
  • Upload, copy, edit or distribute any content or personal information of others
  • Upload content that will breach the content policy as set out in these terms of use

This list is not exhaustive. Other unwanted actions aren’t allowed either, to be assessed by TimeRime. TimeRime reserves all rights to exclude users, notwithstanding the right to other legal actions.

The user agrees explicitly that TimeRime is entitled to provide personal information to others, including the Police and the Justice department and third parties that claim the user violates their rights, including intellectual property rights.

Intellectual property
The information on this website, such as text, pictures, images, animations and illustrations as well as the design of this website are legally protected. Except for legal exceptions, none of this may be multiplied (including “framing”), provided to others or made public without prior consent of TimeRime.

A hyperlink to any of the pages of this website is in principle allowed. TimeRime reserves the right to prohibit a hyperlink if the content or reputation of the host-website is not in line with the reputation of TimeRime, its services and products or the content of its website.

The trademarks, service marks, logos et cetera on this website are owned by or licensed to TimeRime or others. It is prohibited to transfer these to other websites or to use otherwise without prior consent of TimeRime or the respective other.

The content on the website may not be downloaded, copied, multiplied, distributed, transmitted displayed, sold licensed or otherwise exploited without prior written consent of TimeRime, unless this is part of a function that is offered explicitly on the website. TimeRime reserves all rights not expressly granted in and to the website and the content on TimeRime.

Content policy
The users of TimeRime agree that the content that is uploaded by users is in line with this content policy.

TimeRime aims at providing as much as information as possible. This will partly be achieved by content that is uploaded by the users. TimeRime requests its users not to abuse the (services of) the website. Therefore it is not allowed to upload or display content as listed below (not exhaustive) on TimeRime: 

  • TimeRime is not meant for pornographic or sexual explicit information
  • Do not upload information that shows unacceptable things like animal abuse, use of drugs or the preparation of bombs
  • Explicit or random violence
  • Do not submit repulsive content about accidents, corpses and similar matters
  • Respect the intellectual property rights
  • We believe in the freedom of speech, and so the right of anyone to pronounce unpopular points of view. However, information that aims to attack or humiliate groups based on race, ethnic background, religion, disability, gender, age and/or sexual orientation is prohibited
  • Aggressive behavior, stalking, threatening, harassing, violation of privacy or revealing of personal information of others will not be tolerated
  • Everybody hates spam. Do not create misleading texts, labels, titles et cetera to have your information viewed more often. It is not allowed to submit large quantities of general, unwanted or repeating content, including comments and personal messages.

Notice of abuse
Considering that users can submit content to the website of TimeRime, the rightful owners of intellectual property are requested to make notice of submitted content that possibly violates their rights. Users of the website can mark specific content as “abuse” by using the abuse buttons. They can request the removal of content. If the (representative of the) rightful owner makes notice of such abuse properly, the specific content will be assessed by TimeRime and removed if applicable. TimeRime can ask the applicant to further substantiate the request, including evidence and a signed statement. Notice of abuse has to be submitted via

The user guarantees that there are no rights of third parties that interfere with submitting information (like pictures, movies, text, images, data) on this website. The user will safeguard TimeRime for any action that is based on the statement that a submission as such violates any right of a third party. The user accepts that TimeRime can never be held liable for the removal of information of the website after a notice of abuse, because TimeRime cannot and will not take the responsibility for the assessment of such disputes. 

Violation of the terms of use can result in a warning or in the termination of the account. If an account is terminated, it will not be possible to create a new account.

Our website creates cookies that will be saved on your computer by your browser. Cookies are used for, amongst other things, saving information (like the settings of your computer and personal settings) to simplify a subsequent visit to our website. This information contains no name or address or other personal information, like credit card information. You can change your browser setting such that you will not receive cookies when visiting our website. In that case, it may occur that you cannot use all possibilities offered on our website or that you cannot access parts of our website.

TimeRime is not liable for damages whatsoever as a result of incorrectness or incompleteness of the content that is offered on the website, nor for damages that result from problems caused by, or inherent to the distribution of information through the internet, like errors or interruptions, failures or delay in providing information or services electronically.

Furthermore, TimeRime is not liable for damages that result from using information provided on this website. TimeRime rejects any responsibility and liability for the content of websites to which or from which references are made via a hyperlink.

A possible liability of TimeRime to users is in any case limited to the amount that was due for the services provided (excluding VAT). In case the services are rendered annually, the liability for direct damages is limited to the price of one year. In no case the liability will exceed the amount of EUR 1,000 (excluding VAT). Every liability for consequential damages, ensuing damages, not realized profit, missed savings, decreased goodwill, damage by interruption of business, mutilation or loss of data is specifically excluded.

These limitations of liability also apply to any persons or legal entities which are involved by TimeRime.

Settlement of disputes
TimeRime prefers to settle its disputes amicably. In case of a dispute TimeRime will consider the benefit of ICT Mediation in Line with the ICT rules of the Stichting Geschillenoplossing Automatisering, established in The Hague, the Netherlands. ICT Mediation is focused on mediation by one or more mediators. Participation to this procedure takes place voluntarily.

Nevertheless, the Rotterdam Court of Justice is competent for all disputes between TimeRime and its users. All legal relations between TimeRime and the users are subject to Dutch law.

In case any clause of these terms of use will be declared null and void, all other clauses will fully remain applicable.

Privacy Statement
In case users provide personal information to TimeRime, this information will solely be applied by TimeRime for the following purposes:

  • Providing and invoicing of services and products
  • Settling orders and informing about the proceeding of an order
  • Inform you about our products and services as well as products and services of others, based on your personal preferences (if you prefer not to receive this information, you can contact our helpdesk)
  • Providing information to third parties based on legal requirements.

Finally we store information (like the IP address) for statistics, and security of our website.

These terms of use can be amended. Amendments will have immediate effect. Users have to check the terms of use for amendments frequently. Amended terms of use will be announced on this page.

Original text
This English version of the terms of use is a translation of the original terms of use, in Dutch “Gebruiksvoorwaarden”. In case of a dispute, the Dutch wording is leading.

 For questions, remarks or complaints you can contact TimeRime at


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