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The Early Years

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1971 - 1986

After marrying in 1969 and heading to Oregon to finish their degrees both Rick Price and Paola Malpezzi Price realized that staying in one place was not something they were very good at.  Thus began a lifetime of adventure.  In 1971 they had bicycled from Pisa to Forli (Paola's hometown) and in 1972 they sold their first group on a similar route. They took a break from cycling after 1974 but their travels continued with many different adventures on their own and sometimes with groups: hiking across Greece, hitch hiking the length of Turkey twice; sailing the Gulf from Iran to Bahrain on an Arab dhow with Paola the only woman in a group of men for 24 hours; driving their VW bus across Morocco, the Sahara (not advised) and to Ireland.  And of course the most interesting adventure of all - starting a family

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40 Years of Travel and Cycling
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